Trending Fashion statements that Girls should immediately start rocking

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Fashion trends come and go. There is really no telling which new style statement might emerge like a tornado and which might go down the hill sooner than you’ve had to chance to say “Wait?” You should grab the newest trends while you still can.

The new millennial lingo is all about being up-to-date, especially when it concerns Fashion. Now, boys can rock the same old checkered button-down anytime, but for us girls, it’s a matter of life and death.

Staying updated with the latest apparel can really help you up your game and then you can immediately start rocking the most trending style statements the nation has seen.

Here are 4 of the most trending Fashion statements which have taken the country over like a storm. All of these are amazingly chic and stylish, yet so elegant and simple at the same time. Have a look-

1.    Kurtis (modernized)

The number of Kurtis being manufactured in the Fashion market is gigantic. And the number of demand women have made over Kurtis is even more enormous. Really, the market of sarees has gone down a notch because of how sophisticated Kurtis have become.

It’s not the era where Kurtis still came in limited style and variety; the options are endless. If you think Kurtis are not setting a style statement, then you’re sadly mistaken. From hotshot actresses to even CEO’s, most women prefer sporting a Kurti look since it’s most stylish and comfortable.

2.    Anarkali Flares

Anarkali flares have pretty much been in trend ever since the Mughal period. This fashion statement comes and goes over the decades, each time more sophisticated than the prior style. Still, it never ceases to amaze us. The twirl one could take in an Anarkali is blissful and believe me when I say this- it’s all about the twirl.

Over the years, the Anarkali style has seen some action when it comes to modification as well. It has evolved and came out more graceful than ever. Also, there is a lot more variety to choose from and different segments have been introduced as well.

For example, Kurtis have adopted the Anarkali flare like a boss. While on the other hand, lehengas are also emerging with the brilliant and never-ending Anarkali Flares to appear more gracious than ever. Even one-piece dresses have Anarkali Flares. Go figure.

3.    Heavy flared Maxi

Who thought Maxi’s could be stopping the tracks of girls in awe? Once upon a time, I honestly thought Maxi’s could never get fashionable and could only be worn by old aged, retiring women.

Well, I’ve come a long way since. I no longer hold that assumption since I’ve seen what beauty a Maxi could create. A long, flared Maxi is so elegant and gracious and could make you feel like a total princess. I personally have quite a few pairs in my wardrobe myself. From knee-length to long ones, a Maxi could never go wrong.

4.    Long Gowns

A knee length skirt has its own charm. However, the level of allure and class which a gown contains is certainly unmatched. I could list a million reasons why the appeal of a ground touching gown is better. Though I’ll just state the most obvious one and call it a day because let’s be honest; deep down in your heart, you cannot deny the charisma of a gown either.

It’s the most elegant piece of clothing a woman can wear and it also can be rocked at a variety of events. From lavish red carpets to cozy get-togethers, a long gown is something which will always make you feel beautiful and special.

Well there you have it, the four trending Fashion statements that every girl out there should immediately fill her closets with. Stay fashionable, stay alert. Get all these chic apparel from Stree World, and start rocking the Fashion game.

After all, who runs the world? Girls!


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