Why Womens have started switching over to Kurti?

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The Kurtis have taken over the world like a storm. Every other Indian chick you’ll see around the corner will be rocking a Kurti look.  I can’t even blame them, in all honesty. After all, a Kurti can be sported over pretty much anything and could be pulled off anytime any day.

From young girls to middle-aged women, the whole of female populace prefers Kurtis for a lot of reasons. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also affordable.

Let’s take a glimpse at why Kurtis are such a massive fashion trend of the new millennial and why Indian women would much rather prefer a Kurti over a Saree any day-

1.    Budget-friendly

If you’re Indian, I’m positive you’d be aware of how outrageously expensive Sarees really are. I mean, the Saree alone would cost you at least a few thousand bucks. Not to mention the blouse and petticoat would charge you extra.

Even the fittings of the blouses have become ridiculously expensive. Good for your tailor, for sure- though not so much for you, unfortunately.

It’s no secret that as Indians, our first instinct is to buy things at as affordable prices as possible. We know how to derive the maximum value out of our hard-earned money. Therefore, it’s obvious why Indian women are crazy over Kurtis rather than going for Sarees these days.

Kurtis are elegant, stylish, as well as affordable. Stree World’s collection, for instance, is starting from just 499/rupees only.

2.    Lots of variety

The world of Kurtis is never-ending. Infinite styles of Kurtis are being introduced to the markets on a daily basis. Anarkali, hand-block printed, kaftan, and dhoti-style are some of the very few styles which you may have heard of.

There are literally hundreds of other patterns and designs out there. You obtain a lot of diversity to choose from. There is never a shortage of designs and the biggest perk of such vast variety is that you never have to repeat the same pattern more than once.

From short to long, from Jaipuria to Gujrati, you can rock any Kurti look you like. The choice is entirely up to you.

3.    Comfort

One of the biggest benefits a Kurti will offer is the extreme comfort level. There is absolutely no piece of clothing more comfortable than a good ol’ Kurti (I mean, if you don’t count your pajamas, that is). 

If you ever go for a casual day out with your friend and end up deciding to wear a saree, then I’m sorry, your day is going to blow.

Not only will you feel extremely uncomfortable and awkward, but walking or even doing normal things will give you a hard time in a Saree. Thankfully, a Kurti wouldn’t make your life so miserable. You can wear a Kurti and even go for a run. It indeed feels comfortable and light.

4.    No hassle of blouses or petticoats

If you’ve been blessed enough to rock a Saree, then you should thank your lucky stars. Not everyone can rock a Saree these days. If not comfortable, Sarees are only getting more complicated. After all, we are the new millennial- we prefer our clothing to be fashionable, though at the same time super comfy.

The whole trouble one has to go through for having the blouses altered, not to mention matching the petticoats with the Sarees- it’s all rather exhausting, don’t you think?

Luckily enough- there’s no such hassle with Kurtis. They are as simple as they come, yet so sophisticated and fashionable. They come handy and thankfully, they don’t necessarily require any alterations.

5- Goes with any occasion

Let’s just be real here- you possibly can’t wear a saree to run some errands, can you? I don’t think so. Saree is that one attire which requires a great deal of thought before being worn. Whereas; a Kurti, on the other hand, is something miraculous altogether.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re going to run some errands, attending a get-together or even a fancy party- A Kurti is the only look which doesn’t require an occasion to be worn. It could go with just about everything. 

6- Convenient to don as well

A saree sure looks ravishing. If you know how to flaunt a saree; you’re going to do wonders with it. You are definitely going to turn some heads. However, there’s a teensy bit of a complication there.

Putting on a saree looks much easier than it actually is. Our mothers and grandmothers may be blessed enough to pull off a saree with utmost perfection, all in a matter of 5 minutes but the same cannot be said for us.

I personally suggest my friends and colleagues to rock a Kurti look rather than a saree one. After all, a Kurti doesn’t take forever to be worn.

7- Not to mention time-saving

How can I forget to add that Kurtis are effortlessly more time saving than a saree. I don’t even have to explain here; you get the picture.

A saree may or may not take at least 15-20 minutes to be donned. Depends on each person, really.

While on the other hand, a Kurti will take all of 30 seconds max to be worn. Crazy, huh?

8- Comes in all shapes and sizes

Now, a saree can be worn by a woman of all shapes and sizes. Although, you’d need your blouses stitched beforehand. That alone is enough trouble than what it’s worth.

The whole hassle of the blouses and petticoats could be avoided, thankfully. Kurtis are available all across the country in all possible shapes and sizes. To the most petite fitting to the bulkiest ones, you’ll find every single measurement. Just get your desired fit and flaunt the heck out of any Kurti you want.

9- Can be pulled off with anything

One of the best advantages a Kurti offers is its ability to be worn with pretty much anything. A saree, meanwhile, wouldn’t offer you the same benefit.

Kurti is capable of looking classic on denim jeans, leggings, or even Capri’s. What’s even more mind-boggling is that some styles could go with no pants at all. Kurti, or a dress? You may never know!

10- Available in vast styles and cultures

The market of Kurtis is one which has taken the country like a storm. Irrespective of your particular region or province, you can find Kurtis in your desired preference and culture.

Ethnic styles of Kurtis vary from state to state. From Jaipuria to Hyderabadi, you name it- you shall have it.

I’m sure these reasons are enough to convince that Kurtis are absolutely much convenient in all the ways it matters. Now a saree is pretty chic, but the perfection a Kurti gives is out of the world.

What are you looking for? Go grab your desired Kurti look from Stree World’s very vast collection range.


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